Our Board Members

Meet Our Board Members
    • Leslie Roycroft
      Board President

      Leslie Roycroft

      Board President

      Leslie has been at TLC since 2010 and held the position of president for the past 4 years. She has 3 children, 2 have graduated from TLC and the 3rd is currently in our Active Adventurers (AA) group.

    • Nadine Paree

      Nadine Paree


      Nadine Paree joined TLC in 2012 and served as secretary on the board for 3 years. She has stayed on theĀ TLC Board as an Alumni member after her daughter graduated last year. She also helps out in class whenever needed.

    • Laura D'Adamo

      Laura D'Adamo


      Laura D’Adamo has been a part of TLC since 2009 after her first child graduated she stayed with us as an alumni member until her youngest was ready to attended. Now with both children graduated she is once again an alumni member of our board.

      She has served as our treasurer since 2010, with her background in accounting she has been a strong asset to our team.

  • Questions and Answers
    What is the Board of directors?

    – Decision-making body which acts on behalf of all members.
    – Manages budget and organizes pre-planned group outings.

    How often does the Board meet?

    The Board meets once a month on the third Wednesday of each month.

    What is a group coordinator?

    – Attends Board meetings and relays information to their group members.
    – Calls all members in their group in the event of school closures, important messages, etc.
    – Members may volunteer for the position which is chosen at our Annual General/Orientation Meeting.

    How do you join the Board?

    The Board members are elected each year at the Annual General/Orientation Meeting that takes place at the end of August.

    Who gets a vote on Board issues?

    Voting members of the Board are the elected Board members. Coordinators are NOT voting members but their input in all situations is valuable.