TLC Lasalle | TLC Board Meeting Nov 2016

TLC Board Meeting Nov 2016

March 21, 2017

TLC Board Meeting Nov 2016

Date: Wednesday, November 23rd 2016

Time: 7:00 p.m.

Where: At TLC, corner Broadway & 9th Avenue

Host: Leslie Roycroft, President

Secretary: Nadine Paree

1. Approval of Agenda: Holly, Lisa

2. Approval of Minutes: Holly, Theresa

3. Financial – n/a

4. CCS update- n/a

5. Coordinator

a. EE – no update. A student might have to leave due to illness.

b. AA – no update

c. KK – no update

6. 2016-2017 school year

a. Fundraising- hockey raffle to go out asap and draw a winner at TLC holiday party. Deadline to submit stubs and money for the raffle on Dec 20th.

b. Advertising- no update

c. Registration- no update

7. Board’s committees

8. Varia

a. Policy and Procedures- no update

b. TLC Christmas party- party is at club jeune aire on Dec 21st from 9-10 :30 activity then potluck lunch then Santa. Groups will rotate for the visit with Santa while the other groups eat.

c. Christmas basket collection- The basket is done in February ensuring families have food after Christmas. Since holiday donations run out around that time. It will be a cereal donation.

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