TLC Lasalle | TLC Board Meeting September 2015

TLC Board Meeting September 2015

December 15, 2015

TLC Board Meeting Agenda

Date: Thursday, September 16th 2015
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Where: At TLC, corner Broadway & 9th Avenue
Host: Leslie Roycroft, President
Secretary: Nadine Paree

1. Approval of Agenda: Silvia, Sabrina
2. Approval of Minutes: sagette, Melissa
3. Orientation recap: large attendance. Next yr put an FAQ in the slide show.
4. Voting of board positions:
President : Leslie
Vice President : Nada Lisi
Treasurer: Laura
Secretary: Stephanie Giorgi
Coordinators :
5. Financial: financial statement for yr ending Sept 31st 2015 was approved.
Removed carnival week from budget, if funds are available will consider reinstating.

6. CCS update: no update. Checks need to be prepped to send. Must confirm contract was automatically renewed.
7. Coordinator
a. EE – no update
b. AA – no update
c. KK – no update

8. 2015-2016 school year
a. Fundraising:
– Comedy nest 100 tickets to be sold.
– Hockey tickets raffle budgeted 7 tickets per child. 5 tickets mandatory but booklets of 10 will be available. Going to see if we can raffle tickets for draw in Dec. 2nd set of hockey tickets available, will raffle in Feb or March.
– Possible final fundraiser: TLC band night $20 cvr charge end of April early May, budget 50 people or Bowling family night- 3hrs of bowling with shoes $34.50 per lane with 6 people per lane.
b. Outings
i. Apple picking: send reminders to return completed forms.
c. Advertising: make a new ad for enrolment. Lisa bought ad space in her church.
d. Registration: need 3 EE and 6 AA

9. Board’s committees: will be created as needed.

10. Varia
a. Halloween in class: AA&KK Trick or treat with treats for each kid in the class and bring a bag to put their treats. EE every contributes to 1 big loot bag per kid. Everything must be peanut free. Costumes. 29th and 30th are the parties.
b. Nadine in charge of Website revamp.
c. Nadine send link for fb pg to Lisa and coordinators.

Note: Next scheduled meeting will be on October 21st 2015
Who will attend: Laura, Lisa, Sagette, Silvia, Nada, Nadine, Melissa, Stephanie
Who will not attend: Sabrina, kim

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